What is Synthetic Urine and How to Select It?


Synthetic urine, the famous replacement of natural twin has found an important place among users. Most frequently used by office employees and prisoners to falsify their test results. Also known as “fake urine”, buyers must be vigilant in selecting the right brands. Laboratories are constantly redefining their protocols in order to detect fake samples and to make tests more accurate; therefore, users need to constantly keep track of companies that offer the best product available in the market. Enlisted here are some key points that will help you make a precise decision.

The color and odor of the sample must match the natural specimen; this is the first checkpoint that experts can easily identify. Next, density of the liquid is another quality that can be detected by a urine test. The correct balance of all the chemicals and salts is important in the fake sample. Temperature of the specimen should correspond to your body temperature for this purpose, a microwave or hand warmers can be used that can heat a sample for up to 10 hours. It is better to buy brands that contain a thermometer attached to the pack to help attain the right temperature. A few years back uric acid and urea were not measured in regular test but nowadays, test measure them, so, this should also be an important factor.


Selection Criteria

Select a brand that provides an oval bottle instead of a cylindrical one as it is easier to conceal and hide. Regular tests usually provide pH strips along with the bottles and claim that when the product is the right temperature the appropriate pH will be reached. This activity might be difficult to get a hold off; hence, it is recommended that you practice a few times before taking the test. Another factor is the amount of product in the packing. Some brands like the X-stream do not offer the required 15-30ml product required for regular testing. Consequently, look for those products that come with a hand warmer to attain the right temperature of the fake urine. Also, look for a product that comes with a clear description manual as this can be really helpful in passing and failing a drug test. The price is another consideration for people who require this product, it is suggested to use a good quality and high priced product rather than a cheaper one that might fail the actual test.

Use of the Product

It is advised to heat up the product for 10-30 seconds and to let it rest for 10 more then check the temperature of the specimen. If heating pads are provided then apply them 30 minutes before taking the test, check the pH to see if the provided pH strips change color.

There is a huge chance of getting a false positive while using synthetic supplements so a lot of care and input is needed to ace the drug tests. Getting caught while faking a test can cost you your job plus a fine or jail-time so, it is of utmost importance that you try several tests and see which works best. If you still want to know more, visit this site for more information.